Cartier is the most popular white-collar to quit brand

The rings are divided into two types, an engagement ring and a wedding ring. Engagement ring is the man to the woman, the West generally believed that the engagement ring should be more expensive than the wedding ring, gorgeous, so must be a diamond ring, but also is a diamond ring, to express the sincerity of the proposal, such as Cartier 1895 series, or Tiffany Embrace series, are the classic engagement ring. Wedding ring is the woman to give the man, the wedding ring here refers to the ring, that is to say, the woman to buy a pair, such as Cartier Love Series or Trinity series, is the most common high-grade wedding ring, used in the wedding of the bride and groom exchange ring. Wedding to ring and engagement ring, do not need so valuable, is often the ring inlaid with a few small diamond appearance, there are men like not diamond, which varies from person to person, but the key is to be a pair. After marriage, both sides usually wear a wedding ring, and the same as the big egg of the engagement ring the woman will be in some grand or special occasions. In Europe and America, some women like to wear the engagement ring and wedding ring together, take the engagement ring first, then put on the wedding ring on top. So no diamond ring is good or good to quit the problem, in the more traditional marriage of these two are necessary. In fact, to abstain is not only Cartier can be used as a choice ah.
Of course, Cartier is the most popular white-collar to quit brand.