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One morning, two men went up the mountain to work and locked her in the room. In order to prevent her from running away, they hid her clothes. At this moment, Zhou Yaqian became a bird in a cage Fake Cartier Love Ring, and it was difficult to fly. She is completely desperate. Her first thought was death. However, she searched the entire house and could not find the root rope. It turned out that the two men had prevented her from getting a hand and took all the ropes and sharp weapons. She can only cry in the corner of the house. In a short while, the door pushed open the seam and saw a fifteen-year-old mountain girl squatting in the middle, stuffing two yam eggs and a few salted radishes. At this moment, although she is hungry and thirsty, how can she swallow it? In the evening,

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the two men came back and took turns to destroy her, regardless of her life and death. It seems that if you don’t want to escape, it will be a dead end. After playing this, she no longer cried, and she no longer found her life. She decided to use paralysis to paralyze them. Although yam eggs and salty radishes are unpalatable, in order to enhance physical strength, she has to work hard to swallow. The two men saw her start eating replica cartier earring, and her care was gradually loosened.

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