As long as a person wears a silver ring sent by someone

As long as a person wears a silver ring sent by someone else on his 18th birthday Fake Cartier Love Ring, he will be happy and happy for a lifetime. There is a saying in the Bible, ‘An angel and a devil fall in love, and then return to the curse of heaven replica cartier love bracelets.’ However, it is still circulating in heaven. Such a story: 5 million years ago, the angel’s national border had an archangel, Sakura. Although she could be said to be ‘shocking, weeping and ghosting,’ and possessing a large amount of mana, she was weak in character and was in the hands of the elders.傀儡. A chance to let her and the king of the devil world – night love. The character of the night is rebellious, firm, always does not like to press the card. He originally wanted to make their love for every country. But for Sakura He had to give up the idea. They met in the woods every day, and they reciprocated each other. So every day, year after year. The emotion between them is already firmer than Xinshi. But, paper After all, it is impossible to keep up with the fire. The elders of the borders of the angels and the devils of the devils still know this. They each want to save the other person’s death in order to preserve their national boundaries. The battle of the field. The war continued for a full hundred years. The losses of both sides were great. In the end, the elders of the two countries negotiated for the first time. They all believed that Night and Sakura each betrayed their national borders, so they decided to nail the night and cherry to the ‘Ghostly Land’. At the last minute, Night and Sakura learned the way humans identified their favorite people – wearing a silver ring for each other and using the last mana to create an eternal legend for human beings: the elders of other borders were night and cherry Feeling moved, they secretly took away the soul of the night and Sakura, let them reincarnate in the human world to continue the permanent and firm love.