Your story, painted as a ring in your hand

Your story, painted as a ring in your hand! Some people are crazy about youth, some have gone to maturity, some have lost their years, and of course some people have lived a good life. How many smiles became secrets, and how many moved into memories. In the 14 years of VENTI, I have witnessed many of your goodness. We have been listening to good stories, and you are the protagonists of the story. ‘This is a gift for the 14th anniversary of our acquaintance. I sometimes think that if there is a difference in a second, or we will not know each other at that dusk afternoon.’ This is not a love story, but a girlfriend, so that the most important part of life is described. Friendship. ‘In the fall of 2004, at the dusk school aisle, she handed me a very ‘pure’ bead and said, ‘Let’ be a friend!’, that is the first day of junior high school, she is the first I know. A friend, spent the happiest middle school and high school time together, when we were in college, we cried and went to two different places, but still like a couple, we will give each other a commemorative anniversary gift. Now I am getting married, She is my only bridesmaid. At the wedding, we still wear the 14th anniversary of this acquaintance with the names of each other replica cartier earring. I want to tell her when she sends the bouquet, the marble that looks like ‘earth’. I still have a collection now. ”No matter the past 14 years or the countless days of the future, VENTI has the same expectations as you replica cartier love bracelets. Wishing for the meteor, because looking forward to the future; blessing with both hands, because expecting change; wearing for her On the ring, because I look forward to eternal life… Life is beautiful because of expectation, maybe the next turn, you can meet a better self. 14 years, meeting your story is a fate. And VENTI believes that we have not met with us yet. The story, also different spatial occur.